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Mar, 2020

NM Rush Soccer Club COVID-19 update


For immediate release (update).
United States Youth Soccer 

March 31, 2020

From: Dr. Pete Zopfi – USYS Chair
Skip Gilbert – USYS CEO
Re: USYS Programming and Advisory Notice 

While millions of medical personnel around the world are doing everything possible to contain the COVID- 19 virus, all of us at USYS are working hard to ensure the health and wellness of our entire USYS Family. As the largest and most influential youth sport organization in the country, we take that responsibility very seriously. 

Several weeks ago we joined with other national sport organizations to provide health and safety guidelines, as well as lead from the front by proclaiming a national time-out for our sport. At that time we announced a suspension of our activities through April 15th. That date served as a benchmark for our 55 State Associations to review conditions within their geographic region and to act accordingly.

We said at that time that we would update this programming suspension and today’s notice will likely be disappointing to many of you. As of today, we have decided to push back our return to activity date for our US Youth Soccer Conferences to May 1st, 2020. This will allow all 55 State Associations to review the impact of COVID-19 on their members and make their own informed decisions on a return-to-play date.

In addition, USYS is cancelling the 2020 Presidents Cup, our 2020 National Championships and all of the regional competitions leading up to those two events. 

Our decision embraces four core priorities: 

1) Financial Impact to Families - COVID-19 is likely to have a devastating financial impact on many USYS families. As a result, many teams are unlikely to attend or attend with reduced rosters. At this time, we feel it would be unfair to place that additional burden on USYS families in need. 

2) Stress on Families - If it were possible, however unlikely, that we could return to play in May, many families will still be hesitant to travel on an airplane or stay in a hotel. Again, we do not want to place that additional burden on our USYS families. 

3) Integrity of USYS Competitions - If teams that would normally qualify for a Championship do not have the opportunity because of the impact of COVID-19, is it really a Championship? We must ensure that every club within the USYS Family has an equal opportunity to succeed and if they don’t, we diminish the integrity and meaning of the Championship. As of today, many States will not be able to complete their State Cups in time to qualify for Regionals, thus eliminating all of their potential teams from qualification. 

4) Focus on Local USYS Leagues and Communities - many soccer clubs and their employed coaches survive on registration fees. At a time where every community will be struggling to find fields to start and complete even a part of their spring schedule, our focus should be on those local leagues to bring our communities back together through sport, not distracted by a national tournament. 2020 must be about coming back together, not just winning.

We can imagine the disappointment many players, coaches and families will feel. Not being able to join their team in a run for the Cup and fulfill their dreams and goals is extremely hard to fathom, especially for our oldest players hoping to make one last run at hoisting the National Championship Cup. We are also acutely aware of those older players hoping these competitions could support their collegiate recruiting efforts. While there are no words to ease the disappointment, some day when they think about why the decision was made, they will hopefully come to agree that this was the right call.

Looking ahead, we will reassess our May 1st, 2020 return-to-play date and provide another update by April 15th.

On behalf of the USYS National Headquarters staff, Board of Directors, Committees, 55 State Associations and the many thousands of volunteers that are so generous with their time, thank you to all of you for helping to make soccer the preeminent sport in the United States.

Be safe, stay healthy and since you all have a soccer ball at home, try to also have some fun.

We Are Youth Soccer – Thank You. 

For immediate release (update).

NM Rush Soccer Club

March 23, 2020

New Mexico State Governor stated today that the entire state of New Mexico needs to continue following the CDC's and NMDOH social distancing guidelines as well as to stay at home as much as possible to continue to aid against the spread of COVID-19.  The Governor also stated that people should not be gathering in groups of more than five people.  All New Mexico non-essential businesses have also been asked to stop operating for the time being.  We are asking all our NM Rush members to follow these guidelines and be socially responsible as we continue to fight COVID-19.  The club will re-evaluate this fluid situation following the April 30 government suspension guidelines.    

Please check out our "Skill of the Week" section on our NM Rush website for continued training ideas and challenges that our players can do at home.  

Be safe!  

Justin Sells, 
Technical Director

For immediate release (update).
From NM Youth Soccer Association
March 19, 2020

As we are faced with a situation that is unprecedented, we ask for your support of your local club during this time of crisis.  Many of our member affiliate leagues and clubs are unable to process refunds as operational costs are frontend loaded and many fees have already been used to secure fields, facilities, equipment, various league membership fees, pay referees, pay coaches and pay other fixed expenses such as insurance.

It is important that we remain united for the future sustainability of youth soccer in our local areas so that we can readily move forward once the activity restrictions are lifted. 

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.    

Please continue to check for COVID-19 updates on our website at

NMYSA Staff 

For immediate release (update).
NM Rush Soccer Club
March 18, 2020 

NM Rush Soccer Club has released the following Weekly Individual Player Workout w/ demo video to aid all our NM Rush players in following this weekly program over the suspension in activity due to COVID-19.  The staff at NM Rush is highly encouraging all our competitive U9-U18/19 players to follow this weekly training program to stay fit and sharp during this COVID-19 break. The program was designed by our NM Rush Staff and Technical Director and can be modified to fit every competitive age group within the club.  

Justin Sells, 
Technical Director

For immediate release (update).
NM Rush Soccer Club
March 17, 2020 
I received word late last night (on 3.16.20) that based on recommendations from the White House, CDC, and NMDOH the New Mexico Youth Soccer Association and US Youth Soccer will be suspending all youth soccer related travel, practices and league play immediately for a undisclosed amount of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have asked all NM Rush staff and coaches to make sure and follow this suspension of activity with their respective team(s).  I am asking all club members and staff to please do your best to follow the CDC’s most recent guidelines on public gatherings (no more than 10) and social isolation.  At this point, health and safety must be put at the forefront.  The USYS secondary insurance policy will not cover unsanctioned activities so it is important that we all keep this in mind over the weeks to come.  It really is play at your own risk as of today.  

I will be sending out a Rush Weekly Individual Training Program tomorrow that you can share with all your NM Rush players.  My wish is that our players will follow this program, on their own, to stay as sharp as possible during the break in team training and competition.  Follow through by our players with this weekly program will be a critical step for team success once the suspension lifts and we are back to team training and competition.   

As I get new info I will pass it along...

Justin Sells, 
Technical Director

For immediate release (update).
NM Rush Soccer Club.
March 16, 2020 

NM Rush Soccer Club has decided our teams will not practice until NMYSA makes a decision later this evening (around 6pm) in regard to the continuation of sanctioned weekly member team training and practices. A reminder that DCSL is suspended until April 11, 2020.  We are asking our coaches to suspend all training sessions for the remainder of today (3/16/20).  We are also asking all our head coaches and teams to suspend team training until you are updated from NM Rush Soccer Club.        

Justin Sells, 
Technical Director

For immediate release.
NM Rush Soccer Club.
March 12, 2020 

NM Rush Soccer Club has decided our teams will not participate in the DCSL schedule until further notice. Our decision is based on the ban on gatherings of 100 people or more by the NM Department of Health, as well as following the lead of numerous other leagues in youth soccer, including USYS, USYS National League, and USYS Desert Conference as well as professional sports leagues such as MLS, USL, and NBA.

We are asking our coaches to suspend all team training sessions for the remainder of this week and weekend. We as a club and staff will re-evaluate the team training environment and DCSL match play this coming Monday March 16, 2020. At that point we will be in contact with our coaches with more info on the continuation of team training and DCSL play for the coming weeks.

Events at The Center will continue as scheduled but individuals should feel free to make their own decision on whether to participate in those programs or not.  This is obviously a fluid situation that could change in the near future. NM Rush will base any future decision to participate in the DCSL schedule and competitive club team-training sessions based on recommendations from state and national health officials.

The club will also aid in providing "Soccer Day Sessions" during the weeks to come at The Center starting March 23 - April 3.  Day sessions will be for boys and girls ages U9 through U14.  This program will be designed to allow a limited number of children to work on their game during the school shut down as well as provide parents a safe and secure outlet for their child during the work week.   U9-U11 players will be welcome Monday through Friday at The Center from 9-11:30am.  U12-U14 players will be welcome at the facility from 12:30-3pm.  Players should bring snacks, water, and indoor soccer shoes or tennis shoes to these session.  All sessions are $95 per player per week (or drop in fee of $20 per session).      

Steve Kraemer, 
NM Rush Vice President


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