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Nov, 2020

NM Rush Soccer Club COVID-19 Update


For immediate release (update
NM Rush Soccer Club
November 30, 2020

Attention NM Rush Coaches and Club members:
Our Governor announced today that our state is moving to a new county based tiered system in regard to our continued battle with COVID-19.  Here are some of the quick updates regarding what you are allowed to do within this new system.  According to the Governor counties will be updated every two weeks within this new tiered system.  
Coaches that wish to continue using The Center need to abide by this new tiered system laid out below by our Governor and the NMDOH.  IMPORTANT:  All spectators / parents must remain in their vehicles while your player is using the facility.  Parents should not enter the facility, gather outside of the facility in groups, or congregating at the entrances or exits to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  It is important that players and coaches using the facility continue to wear face masks while in the building.  It is also recommended that players enter facility on the south-side of the building and exit on the north-side of the building during high use times.  Hand washing station will continue to be available in the facility restroom and hand sanitizer will be readily available at the front door upon entering the facility.   

Red (Very High Risk) 

  • Close contact businesses are allowed to be operate at 25% of their max occupancy or less than 10 people whichever is less 

  • Training  may resume outside in groups of less than 5 people (4 players to 1 coach - outdoor mass gathering limit is 5 people)

Yellow (High Risk)

  • Close contact businesses are allowed to be operate at 25% of their max occupancy or less than 20 people whichever is less 

  • Training may resume outside in groups of less than 10 people (9 players to 1 coach - outdoor mass gathering limit is 10 people)

Green (Medium Risk)

  • Close contact businesses are allowed to be operate at 50% of their max occupancy or less than 20 people whichever is less 

  • Training may resume outside in groups of less than 20 people (19 players to 1 coach - outdoor mass gathering limit is 20 people)

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me via email or phone. 

More info can be found at The NM Department of Health.    



For immediate release (update)
New Mexico Youth Soccer Association
October 17, 2020 

New Mexico Public Health Order restrictions have been modified to reduce the number of people that can gather in groups outside to no more than 5 and "Close Contact Business" must operate at 25% total occupancy.  New Mexico Youth Soccer Association only sanctions activity that complies with the New Mexico Public Health order and the recently modified NMYSA Phase I protocols guided by the USSF PLAY ON Grassroots Soccer initiative.  Before you begin/continue training, please ensure the following,

  • Familiarize your coaches, players and parents with the NM COVID Safe Practices for Youth Sports/Programs and the NMYSA PLAY ON Phase I Protocols
  •  Ensure that players/coaches are registered with NMYSA for the 20-21 season prior to participation in any small group practices. 
  • NM Rush COVID-19 Mitigation contact person is Eric Dooley.  

If coaches, players and administrators are not comfortable beginning soccer trainings, it is important they understand that they should not!  No one should pressure or pressure others into a decision to participate.
Important Requirements w/ updated Public Health Order restrictions:
 Masks are required for all participants, coaches, players, and administrators.  
Coaches/players/and administrators that are sick or have sign and symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend practices.
Phase I does not allow for spectators.  Parents should drop off their player, remain in their cars and follow all Public Health Orders.
-"Close Contact Business" may continue operating at 25% of their maximum occupancy.  

For immediate release (update)
New Mexico Youth Soccer Association
Aug. 18, 2020 

Dear NMYSA Affiliate Presidents and Board of Directors:

NMYSA recently agreed to sanction activity that followed the New Mexico Public Health Orders, NMYSA Phase I Protocols and COVID Safe Practices for Employers and Individuals under a 5-1 player/coach ratio.  However, we received information from the Governor’s office today that our sanctioning  is not in compliance with the current Public Health Orders, specifically, PHO dated July 13, 2020, section 18 that reads, 

"Organized amateur contact sports are prohibited.  For the purposes of this order, “contact sports” includes, inter alia, football, wrestling, basketball, and soccer.  This prohibition extends to adult or youth recreational leagues and club sports, as well as any school-sponsored or school-sanctioned leagues and teams.  This prohibition should be broadly construed and is intended to include organized practices and games and any other in-person group activities.”

Based on that information, we must withdrawal/suspending NMYSA sanctioning of any activity until we have definitive approval from the Governor’s office that our sanctioning would be in  complete compliance with Public Health Orders.  To be clear, effective immediately, NMYSA  is not sanctioning any activity until further notice.

My apologies for any confusion surrounding this issue.  We will continue to work with the Governor’s office to reopen soccer safely and will notify you when that occurs.  In the meantime, we ask that you continue to refrain from any soccer activity until it is deemed safe to do so.  

Thank you for your support in this matter!

Pat Switzer, President
New Mexico Youth Soccer Association

For immediate release (update)
New Mexico Youth Soccer Association
Aug. 16, 2020 

Hello NMYSA Affiliate Club Presidents and Board Members:

New Mexico Youth Soccer Association will sanction non-contact small group training, (5-1 player/coach ratios), that comply with the New Mexico Public Health Orders, COVID Safe Practices and the NMYSA Phase I Protocols.

Please note, member affiliate players and coaches must be registered with NMYSA in order for participation to be sanctioned.  The 20-21soccer season runs from 9/1/2020 to 8/31/2021so please make sure your players/coaches are registered before beginning any trainings.  Phase I Protocols are attached and below are the New Mexico Public Health Orders along with the New Mexico COVID Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers.

Please do not engage in any activity unless you are able to follow the Altogether New Mexico COVID Safe Practices for individuals and Employers, New Mexico Public Health Orders and NMYSA Phase I (PLAY ON) Protocols.

Thank you!

Gloria Faber, Executive Director 
New Mexico Youth Soccer Association 

For Immediate release (update)

NM Rush Soccer Club 
July 15, 2020

Attention NM Rush members:
By now everyone is aware
 that all NMYSA youth soccer sanctioned activities have been shut down by the Governor after subsequent clarification of the Public Health Order sent out on July 13, 2020 effective until July 30, 2020.

I have been involved with the game of soccer my entire life at almost every level as a player and/or coach.  I feel that during this pandemic safety should be the forefront of everyone’s thoughts and is always our top priority as a club.  I have instructed our staff of coaches to suspend any team training from July 11- through the end of the month to allow our coaches and players to recharge their batteries and enjoy the remainder of their summer. However, I also feel it is very important socially, mentally and physically for our members to be able to continue participating in some form of safe training during these trying times. 

I appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we continue to do our best to navigate the COVID pandemic.  As I stated back on July 13, 2020 it is our goal as a club to provide all our players a training environment (whatever type of format is allowed by our Governor) conducive to maximizing player development during the 2020-21 season.   

We are asking each member to please:

  • Contact the Governor, Mayor and local representatives with any questions or concerns you might have regarding the cancellation of any NMAA sanctioned fall sports and NMYSA sanctioned youth soccer activities.  

  • Register your players

    • Registering with the club for the 2020-21 season so our staff can solidify their roster and players are properly insured through USYS, which will allow training to resume immediatelyonce the Governors sanctions are lifted. 

    • If players are NOT registered they CANNOT participate in training sessions sanctioned by NMYSA rules as well as liabilities associated without the proper release that is in the registration process.

Our intent is to work with all players, coaches and parents to provide training, coaching and a quality service to our members this coming 2020-21 season. If we are not allowed to provide this service, we will do our best to extend our programming if needed into summer 2021.  We are and will continue to work with our Rush National Directors to find creative and meaningful resolutions for training and play.  We ask for your support and patience as we navigate the continuous changes due to COVID.  

As the Technical Director for NM Rush soccer club and NM Rush parent of two recently registered competitive players I cannot wait for them to be allowed back out on the fields for training and games. I am optimistic that all youth soccer clubs will be able to get back out on the fields this coming August. We look forward to working with NMYSA, NMDOH and other community soccer organizations regarding getting our players back out on the field of play as soon as possible, we will continue to communicate as information is updated and provided to us on  

Click here to see the NMYSA Return to Play Update
Click here to see US Soccer Federation Return to Play Overview

Thanks and go Rush!

-Justin Sells
NM Rush Soccer Club 
Technical Director


For Immediate release (update)
NM Rush Soccer Club
July 13, 2020

Attention NM Rush members, 

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.  
In light of the Governors briefing today and the likelihood that fall high school sports (soccer, football, wrestling and basketball) will be postponed, I personally wanted to reach out and touch base with our membership.  While the COVID-19 is still a driving force in our community our summer camps will continue on a limited capacity.  We will continue to operate our Summer Indoor Skills camp within the 5 player to 1 coach ration required by the NMDOH for summer programming.  Outside of our Summer Skills (Session II) camp we will be closing The Center down for some modifications and upgrades starting July 11th through July 26 ,2020.  During this time I will also be asking our NM Rush coaches to stop training their respective teams to do our part as a organization to help further prevent the spread of the virus and allow our players to enjoy a little summer break.  If coaches must continue training their teams in small groups (5 to 1 ratio) we are asking all coaches and players to wear face masks during all training sessions per the Governors updated restrictions discussed this afternoon.  

Beginning this fall 2020 we as a club are looking forward to working with our membership U9 through high school age teams in whatever manner (small group or team based) as allowed by the Governor, CDC and NMDOH.  As a club, we feel it is our obligation as coaches to do everything in our power to aid our players in their continued development as individuals and as collective groups.  We as a club feel it is in the best interest of our players to remain as active as possible throughout this pandemic for overall health and well-being.  For players to participate in fall 2020 training sessions (these might be small group or team based) we are requesting players be registered with the club prior to or on 8.1.20 for insurance and liability issues.  Players that are not registered with NM Rush Soccer Club by 8.1.20 will not be able to participate in any NM Rush team training activities until they have completed their online player registration process for the 2020-21 season.  I believe it is important for our kids to remain as healthy as they can mentally, physically and socially during these trying times.      

I want to thank our membership for their understanding, flexibility and continued support.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected].     

Stay safe and go Rush!

Summer Youth Sport COVID-19 Best Practices 

Justin Sells
NM Rush Soccer Club 
Technical Director

For Immediate release (update)
NM Rush Soccer Club
May 15, 2020

Attention NM Rush members, 
Below is information on the Coronavirus updates that were laid out earlier this week from our NM Governor and NMYSA.  Below is a list of important factors that NM Rush Soccer Club is asking all its members and coaches to follow for the immediate future in regard to players and coaches return to activity.  The Governor updated our states restrictions associated with the coronavirus on 5/14/20 and NMYSA followed on 4/15/20.  Below is what we are asking our NM Rush members to follow so a return to activity may be done in the safest way possible for both players, families and coaches.  We feel as a club these are the best practices to follow in regard to return to activity.   
  • Starting May 16, 2020 Phase 1 return to activity for youth soccer allows for limited training with five (5) players and one (1) coach to work together in a small group training environment.    
  • Coaches returning to the field of play to work with players must have a negative coronavirus test prior to return to coaching.
  • Players participating in these small group sessions need to wear masks to and from all trainings that take place in public locations.  
  • Players do not have to wear masks during physical activity.  However, we are requesting that our players initial the inside of their respective mask to prevent cross contamination following training.    
  • Players and coaches should check their temperature and use hand sanitizer prior to their arrival at any training sessions.  
  • All coaches must wear masks during all training sessions when in a public location.  
  • Players should bring their own ball to training.  If community soccer balls (i.e. coach brings a ball bag to training) are used they need to be disinfected follow each and every small group training session.      
  • Players may not participate in any contact activities during any small group training sessions.  All sessions should focus on technical or agility & fitness based activities.  *Absolutely no 1v1 through 11v11 play is allowed during small group sessions.  
  • Parents should remain in their vehicle. 
  • All small group training sessions must be done by the same coach.   
  • Ensure all adult leader/coaches and players do not participate if they or a household member are showing symptoms of the COVID-19 illness in the prior 14 days.  Symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breathe or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle aches, head ache, sore throat, and loss of last or smell. 
  • Testing sites can be found at NMDOH.  
  • Most importantly there will be no repercussion for players, coaches, and parents that do not feel comfortable returning to participation.  
We appreciate all our members abiding by these guidelines.  We as a club are very excited to start to work with our players and coaches again, but we must do our part to prevent any additional spread of the virus.

For a full list of NMYSA's Return to Activity Protocols click here.
NM DOH COVID Safe Practices (CSP - specifically pages 17-20 - Youth Sports) click here.
NM Rush COVID-19 Return to Activity Waiver and Release of Liability click here.  
Justin Sells
NM Rush Soccer Club
Technical Director 

For immediate release (update)
US Club Soccer 
May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020
Dear members,
These past two months have been like nothing any of us has ever experienced before. The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused disruption of every aspect of our daily lives, including the organized soccer activities we all enjoy so much. Throughout this unprecedented and confusing time, we have guided our decision-making by the fundamental principle that the well-being of all of our players, staff, parents and loved ones is always our first priority. We thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.
Removal of national suspension of activities on May 18:
We recognize that different parts of our country have been affected to a different degree by the impact of COVID-19. Therefore, we are lifting our national suspension of activities and delegating return-to-play decision making to our local members, effective May 18.
To be clear, this decision by no means is a blanket permission to return to the fields. Each member is expected to strictly follow state and local guidelines for the resumption of play. PLEASE NOTE: OUR INSURANCE IS ONLY IN EFFECT IF YOUR ACTIVITIES ARE CONSISTENT WITH LOCAL HEALTH AND SAFETY REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES.
Please also note that any organized activities by our member leagues, clubs or teams require that players and staff have current 2019-20 pass cards in order to qualify for insurance coverage.
Return-to-play resources:
Members must abide by the requirements/guidelines established by their state and local public health authorities. Beyond that, here are some other resources to consider when planning for a return to play:
Summer 2020 events:
Last week, we officially canceled our 2020 National Cup series, including all of our regional events and all our summer championship events. Prior to that announcement, we had canceled the ENPL National Playoffs and Finals, Girls NPL Finals and National Cup XIX Finals. You can read those Member Updates: here for the National Cup Regionals decisionand here for the championships decision. We regret that we had to make those decisions, and we look forward to resuming those activities in 2021.
The cancelations were made in consideration of not only health and safety, but also in an effort to allow leagues around the country to potentially complete their spring seasons by extending into the summer. We hope that most of our members are able to safely resume play over the next several months.
US Club Soccer's coronavirus web page:
If you haven't yet visited, we encourage you to do so. You’ll find consolidated information about the impact on our programming, as well as helpful information related to employment, the federal stimulus bill, CDC guidelines and safety requirements for virtual training sessions.
This time in which we find ourselves is an extraordinary one, and it has produced an extraordinary response from people all across the world. We have all come to recognize the everyday heroes who are part of our lives every day: our health care workers, police, fire, and ambulance personnel, and those who care for the elderly, of course, come immediately to mind. But think of the others we don't usually consider heroic: grocery store workers, freight haulers, farmers, food processors, mail carriers, garbage collectors, and many others who show up and do their job every day, even when that puts them at risk. Perhaps the silver lining in this long dark cloud will be a greater appreciation of those who everyday work on behalf of all of us.
US Club Soccer made a commitment to Player Health and Safety as part of our Players First promise long before COVID-19 changed our world. We're proud that is our commitment now, and that will be our commitment always.
We're all in this together!

Kevin Payne
CEO/Executive Director

For immediate release (update)
United States Youth Soccer (USYS) 
April 15, 2020 

We would like to say thank you to the millions of medical personnel around the world who are doing everything possible to contain the COVID-19 virus. It is in support of their efforts that we feel we must push back our Regional and National return to activity date to May 15th, 2020. This pause in play will continue to allow all 55 State Associations to review the impact of COVID-19 on their members and make their own informed decisions on a return-to-play date.

While on our on-field play remains paused, we do want to remind our members of a number of ways to stay engaged and offer resources to your members and families:

-USYS Free Resource Page –
USYS Cinebody Kid-sourced Video Project
USA Weightlifting Coaches Strength and Conditioning Certification

Looking ahead, we will reassess this pause and provide updates as necessary and as conditions change.

On behalf of the USYS National Headquarters staff, Board of Directors, Committees, 55 State Associations and the many thousands of volunteers that are so generous with their time, thank you for making soccer the preeminent sport in the United States.

Be safe, stay healthy and #Bendthecurve, #StayAtHome.

We Are Youth Soccer 
– Thank You.

Dr. Pete Zopfi – USYS Chair
Skip Gilbert – USYS CEO


For immediate release (update)
US Club Soccer - ECNL
April 14, 2020 

Dear members,
Because of a variety of factors stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, US Club Soccer will take the regrettable step of canceling all our National Championship events scheduled for this summer at DICK'S Sporting Goods Park in Colorado. While we realize this will be a great disappointment to clubs, teams, players and their families, we also want to be sensitive to the situation at hand.
Our first priority is the health and safety of everyone involved. We also understand the importance of doing everything we can to help our leagues across the country to complete this spring season, even if that means playing well into the summer. In conversations with leagues across the country, we believe many will be able to complete their spring seasons. Of course, we also recognize that even after restrictions on assembly are lifted, many people will not be eager to travel long distances, especially by air.
The list of cancelled tournaments is below: 
  • ENPL National Playoffs (June 25-July 1 in Commerce City, CO) 
  • ENPL National Finals (July 9-13 in Commerce City, Colorado)
  • Girls NPL Finals (July 9-13 in Commerce City, Colorado)
  • National Cup XIX Finals (July 17-21 in Commerce City, Colorado)
We have not yet made decisions on our Regional competitions, which many teams are able to drive to. Those competitions begin in June, and we hope to make decisions at least 30 days prior to each event.
  • National Cup XIX South Central Regional (June 12-15 in Tulsa, OK) 
  • National Cup XIX West Regional (June 13-16 in Davis, CA)
  • National Cup XIX Midwest Regional (June 19-22 in Waukegan, IL)
  • National Cup XIX Southeast Regional (June 20-23 in Winston-Salem, NC)
  • National Cup XIX Northwest Regional (June 26-29 in Snohomish, WA)
  • National Cup XIX Mid-Atlantic Regional (June 27-30 in Somerset, NJ)
These past weeks have been a trial to us all, and we're not out of the woods yet. There are certainly encouraging signs, however, not least of which is the willingness of so many people all over the country to accept short-term hardship in service to the greater good. If we all remain resolute and keep up the good fight by behaving responsibly and obeying public health guidelines, we’ll more quickly find ourselves back on the soccer fields and living more normal lives. 
Stay home and stay safe.

Kevin Payne 
COE/Executive Director US Club Soccer

For immediate release (update).
United States Youth Soccer 

March 31, 2020

Given  US Youth Soccer's most recent suspension of activities  due to the COVID-19 virus,  all spring 2020 US Youth Soccer Conference activities are SUSPENDED through April 30, 2020, with a targeted return to play date of May 1, 2020. US Youth Soccer will continue to evaluate conditions on a bi-weekly basis to determine when it is appropriate to reinstate Conference activities.

ALL US Youth Soccer Conferences are impacted, including:

Desert Conference
Frontier Conference
Great Lakes Conference
Mid Atlantic EDP Conference
Mid South Conference
Midwest Conference
North Atlantic EDP Conference
Northwest Conference
Pacific Conference, Powered by CRL
Piedmont Conference
South Atlantic EDP Conference
Sunshine Conference

The decision has been made in accordance with the guidance of public health and medical professionals, as well as the ongoing acceleration of the coronavirus in communities from which our soccer families reside. We'd like to thank our US Youth Soccer family for your ongoing support as we manage our programming given the current health and travel environment. The safety and security of our soccer community is, and always will be, our highest priority!

Please note, all policies regarding US Youth Soccer activities are subject to change based on the ongoing review of circumstances. Further details regarding the impact of coronavirus on the US Youth Soccer Conferences will continue to be shared via official US Youth Soccer communication channels, including the Conference websites.

Marley Wilson 
USYS Leagues and Competitions Director

For immediate release (update).

United States Youth Soccer 

March 31, 2020

From: Dr. Pete Zopfi – USYS Chair
Skip Gilbert – USYS CEO
Re: USYS Programming and Advisory Notice 

While millions of medical personnel around the world are doing everything possible to contain the COVID- 19 virus, all of us at USYS are working hard to ensure the health and wellness of our entire USYS Family. As the largest and most influential youth sport organization in the country, we take that responsibility very seriously. 

Several weeks ago we joined with other national sport organizations to provide health and safety guidelines, as well as lead from the front by proclaiming a national time-out for our sport. At that time we announced a suspension of our activities through April 15th. That date served as a benchmark for our 55 State Associations to review conditions within their geographic region and to act accordingly.

We said at that time that we would update this programming suspension and today’s notice will likely be disappointing to many of you. As of today, we have decided to push back our return to activity date for our US Youth Soccer Conferences to May 1st, 2020. This will allow all 55 State Associations to review the impact of COVID-19 on their members and make their own informed decisions on a return-to-play date.

In addition, USYS is cancelling the 2020 Presidents Cup, our 2020 National Championships and all of the regional competitions leading up to those two events. 

Our decision embraces four core priorities: 

1) Financial Impact to Families - COVID-19 is likely to have a devastating financial impact on many USYS families. As a result, many teams are unlikely to attend or attend with reduced rosters. At this time, we feel it would be unfair to place that additional burden on USYS families in need. 

2) Stress on Families - If it were possible, however unlikely, that we could return to play in May, many families will still be hesitant to travel on an airplane or stay in a hotel. Again, we do not want to place that additional burden on our USYS families. 

3) Integrity of USYS Competitions - If teams that would normally qualify for a Championship do not have the opportunity because of the impact of COVID-19, is it really a Championship? We must ensure that every club within the USYS Family has an equal opportunity to succeed and if they don’t, we diminish the integrity and meaning of the Championship. As of today, many States will not be able to complete their State Cups in time to qualify for Regionals, thus eliminating all of their potential teams from qualification. 

4) Focus on Local USYS Leagues and Communities - many soccer clubs and their employed coaches survive on registration fees. At a time where every community will be struggling to find fields to start and complete even a part of their spring schedule, our focus should be on those local leagues to bring our communities back together through sport, not distracted by a national tournament. 2020 must be about coming back together, not just winning.

We can imagine the disappointment many players, coaches and families will feel. Not being able to join their team in a run for the Cup and fulfill their dreams and goals is extremely hard to fathom, especially for our oldest players hoping to make one last run at hoisting the National Championship Cup. We are also acutely aware of those older players hoping these competitions could support their collegiate recruiting efforts. While there are no words to ease the disappointment, some day when they think about why the decision was made, they will hopefully come to agree that this was the right call.

Looking ahead, we will reassess our May 1st, 2020 return-to-play date and provide another update by April 15th.

On behalf of the USYS National Headquarters staff, Board of Directors, Committees, 55 State Associations and the many thousands of volunteers that are so generous with their time, thank you to all of you for helping to make soccer the preeminent sport in the United States.

Be safe, stay healthy and since you all have a soccer ball at home, try to also have some fun.

We Are Youth Soccer – Thank You. 

For immediate release (update).

NM Rush Soccer Club

March 23, 2020

New Mexico State Governor stated today that the entire state of New Mexico needs to continue following the CDC's and NMDOH social distancing guidelines as well as to stay at home as much as possible to continue to aid against the spread of COVID-19.  The Governor also stated that people should not be gathering in groups of more than five people.  All New Mexico non-essential businesses have also been asked to stop operating for the time being.  We are asking all our NM Rush members to follow these guidelines and be socially responsible as we continue to fight COVID-19.  The club will re-evaluate this fluid situation following the April 30 government suspension guidelines.    

Please check out our "Skill of the Week" section on our NM Rush website for continued training ideas and challenges that our players can do at home.  

Be safe!  
Justin Sells, 
Technical Director

For immediate release (update).
From NM Youth Soccer Association
March 19, 2020

As we are faced with a situation that is unprecedented, we ask for your support of your local club during this time of crisis.  Many of our member affiliate leagues and clubs are unable to process refunds as operational costs are frontend loaded and many fees have already been used to secure fields, facilities, equipment, various league membership fees, pay referees, pay coaches and pay other fixed expenses such as insurance.

It is important that we remain united for the future sustainability of youth soccer in our local areas so that we can readily move forward once the activity restrictions are lifted. 

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.    

Please continue to check for COVID-19 updates on our website at

NMYSA Staff 

For immediate release (update).
NM Rush Soccer Club
March 18, 2020 

NM Rush Soccer Club has released the following Weekly Individual Player Workout w/ demo video to aid all our NM Rush players in following this weekly program over the suspension in activity due to COVID-19.  The staff at NM Rush is highly encouraging all our competitive U9-U18/19 players to follow this weekly training program to stay fit and sharp during this COVID-19 break. The program was designed by our NM Rush Staff and Technical Director and can be modified to fit every competitive age group within the club.  

Justin Sells, 
Technical Director

For immediate release (update).
NM Rush Soccer Club
March 17, 2020 
I received word late last night (on 3.16.20) that based on recommendations from the White House, CDC, and NMDOH the New Mexico Youth Soccer Association and US Youth Soccer will be suspending all youth soccer related travel, practices and league play immediately for a undisclosed amount of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have asked all NM Rush staff and coaches to make sure and follow this suspension of activity with their respective team(s).  I am asking all club members and staff to please do your best to follow the CDC’s most recent guidelines on public gatherings (no more than 10) and social isolation.  At this point, health and safety must be put at the forefront.  The USYS secondary insurance policy will not cover unsanctioned activities so it is important that we all keep this in mind over the weeks to come.  It really is play at your own risk as of today.  

I will be sending out a Rush Weekly Individual Training Program tomorrow that you can share with all your NM Rush players.  My wish is that our players will follow this program, on their own, to stay as sharp as possible during the break in team training and competition.  Follow through by our players with this weekly program will be a critical step for team success once the suspension lifts and we are back to team training and competition.   

As I get new info I will pass it along...

Justin Sells, 
Technical Director

For immediate release (update).
NM Rush Soccer Club.
March 16, 2020 

NM Rush Soccer Club has decided our teams will not practice until NMYSA makes a decision later this evening (around 6pm) in regard to the continuation of sanctioned weekly member team training and practices. A reminder that DCSL is suspended until April 11, 2020.  We are asking our coaches to suspend all training sessions for the remainder of today (3/16/20).  We are also asking all our head coaches and teams to suspend team training until you are updated from NM Rush Soccer Club.        

Justin Sells, 
Technical Director

For immediate release.
NM Rush Soccer Club.
March 12, 2020 

NM Rush Soccer Club has decided our teams will not participate in the DCSL schedule until further notice. Our decision is based on the ban on gatherings of 100 people or more by the NM Department of Health, as well as following the lead of numerous other leagues in youth soccer, including USYS, USYS National League, and USYS Desert Conference as well as professional sports leagues such as MLS, USL, and NBA.

We are asking our coaches to suspend all team training sessions for the remainder of this week and weekend. We as a club and staff will re-evaluate the team training environment and DCSL match play this coming Monday March 16, 2020. At that point we will be in contact with our coaches with more info on the continuation of team training and DCSL play for the coming weeks.

Events at The Center will continue as scheduled but individuals should feel free to make their own decision on whether to participate in those programs or not.  This is obviously a fluid situation that could change in the near future. NM Rush will base any future decision to participate in the DCSL schedule and competitive club team-training sessions based on recommendations from state and national health officials.

The club will also aid in providing "Soccer Day Sessions" during the weeks to come at The Center starting March 23 - April 3.  Day sessions will be for boys and girls ages U9 through U14.  This program will be designed to allow a limited number of children to work on their game during the school shut down as well as provide parents a safe and secure outlet for their child during the work week.   U9-U11 players will be welcome Monday through Friday at The Center from 9-11:30am.  U12-U14 players will be welcome at the facility from 12:30-3pm.  Players should bring snacks, water, and indoor soccer shoes or tennis shoes to these session.  All sessions are $95 per player per week (or drop in fee of $20 per session).      

Steve Kraemer, 
NM Rush Vice President


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